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Program Information

Experience What It’s Like to Work in the Business of Sports

Curriculum Overview

The mission of the Global Sports & Entertainment Business Academy is to provide all participants insight into the sports and entertainment industries. Our students will not only be introduced to a broad array of career opportunities, but they will also leave with a solid understanding of the business disciplines that constitute and contribute to the business such as management, advertising, sponsorship, technology, marketing, law, media, and other areas related to the sports and entertainment industries. Students will also practice leadership and teamwork as they engage in a variety of team-oriented activities.

Our students will:

  • Learn business concepts through classroom lectures from sports business faculty as well as the executives of leading sports, entertainment, and technology companies.

  • Wrestle with real-life scenarios through in-class exercises, in which sports and entertainment business leaders and decision-makers tackle important issues.

  • Visit Century Link Stadium to learn first-hand about the implementation of business principles.

Students who participate in the program will have a basic understanding of the following:

  • Operations of professional sports leagues and teams;

  • Financial models of professional sports leagues and teams;

  • Advertising, sponsorship, media, and other interests that support the sports and entertainment businesses;

  • Various job and career opportunities within the field of sports and entertainment.

Program participants will have a tremendous early advantage in the pursuit of internships and early career opportunities in the sports/entertainment industries. They will become part of a selective database for prospective internships for companies supporting the Global Sports and Entertainment Business Academies.